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Covenant Village of Green Township is a physical therapy rehabilitation center dedicated to getting you home faster. The state-of-the-art equipment, techniques and environments we employ are more than innovative. They're proven to make the road to recovery more pleasant and a faster route to get patients home, healthy and independent.

Covenant Village demonstrates a new vision in what rehabilitative and therapeutic care can be.

In our slide show, you can see how the design of the community locates physical rehabilitation, therapy and relaxation areas for efficiency and convenience for the patient. No amenity or helpful feature has been overlooked.

  • Advanced hydro therapy pool with underwater treadmill that rises and lowers to provide the easiest entrance and exit—the only one in Greater Cincinnati
  • Real-life therapies to help you re-learn skills used in daily life:
    • Going to the gas station
    • Getting in and out of your car
    • Shopping for groceries
    • Traversing crosswalks and curbs
    • Maneuvering in a restaurant booth
    • Using your kitchen, laundry room, bedroom and bathroom
  • ACP (Accelerated Care Plus) Equipment*
  • All private rooms
  • Optimized for ages 45-65
  • Short-term program
  • Zero-entry showers, Direct TV and telephone in all rooms

*ACP is widely praised for their state-of-the-art, safe, non-invasive and medication-free equipment—the choice for over 100 professional and collegiate sports teams, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, and NASCAR.

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"We have a beautiful state of the Art Rehabilitation Center, with the BEST and highly qualified therapy department around!"
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